What are the benefits of Taekwondo?

  • Practical and effective self-defense: All martial art styles can be effective but against an attacker who is much bigger than you, no matter how skilled you are at grappling or wrestling, you will still be at a disadvantage. By utilizing precise striking techniques, you can defend yourself with a hand strike or kick to a vital area.
  • Improved body flexibility and posture: Taekwondo utilizes high kicks which require stretching. Stretching helps prevent injuries and keeps your joints from tightening as you age.
  • Improved muscle coordination and balance: Kicking requires students to balance on one leg, which not only strengthens the legs but your core as well.
  • Improved mental and physical stamina: Sparring is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can experience. Our students easily burn up to 1000 calories per hour in a sparring class. Not only does it require physical stamina but also requires you to be mentally alert.
  • Figure and weight control: Taekwondo is a great workout! Many of our students have lost weight just from training a couple of days a week, without having to drastically change their diet.
  • Improved self-confidence: As you learn more skills and techniques in Taekwondo, your confidence goes up not only during training, but outside of training as well.
  • Improved concentration: Forms – one of the aspects of Taekwondo – require not only memorization but also deep focus and concentration.
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and tension: Training in Taekwondo feels good! Punching and kicking and yelling helps your body get rid of stress. Students come in to class stressed and tense. They leave relaxed.
  • Elevated consciousness toward a self-will to reduce bad habits: As students get more and more involved in Taekwondo, their desire to improve increases. They realize that bad habits like smoking or drinking or eating too much junk food hold them back from improving. Many of our students have gone from smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day to quitting altogether!
  • A sense of personal accomplishment: As students advance in belt rank and see the improvement they have made since being white belts, they realize how much work and effort they put into that transformation.



There’s something to martial arts and especially the way Grandmaster Kang teaches it that addresses not just the body and fitness, but it addresses the mind and it addresses your approach to life.
I’m a 3rd dan black belt now and that’s one of the top achievements of my life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been the last 10 years, and my family’s life without martial arts, and specifically without Grandmaster Kang. It’s just led to so many good things and has grounded us these years.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is health. You can have all the riches and fame in the world but if you’re sick and can’t get better, then you can’t enjoy anything.
Michael Imperioli

Emmy award winning actor

Having started at the school at 8 years old, I consider myself to have grown up taking classes at T. Kang Taekwondo. When I first became a member, both my parents and I were unsure if it’d become a hobby that I’d truly be dedicated to. 12 years later, I still love Taekwondo!

The quality of the people, the facilities, and the instruction at the school is difficult to find at any other Martial Arts school or gym that I’ve ever visited. Furthermore, as a college student who has won numerous scholarships and internships, I would not have developed the strengths that have allowed me to thrive in both academic and professional settings without the lessons I learned and support I received at T. Kang Taekwondo.

Marguerite Hollander

Drexel University Student, MGA Partners Architects

Not only is Grandmaster Kang a mentally and physically gifted practitioner of Taekwondo, but unlike many other Grandmasters, he is an exemplary teacher of the art.  I started Taekwondo in 2002 at another school and in 2005 I started training with Grandmaster Kang.

His form and abilities in Taekwondo were remarkable, but what really impressed me in 2005 and continues to impress me to this day is his and his entire staff’s ability to teach the basics of this complicated martial art to students of all ages and abilities.  He doesn’t just focus on the gifted students—he takes the time to focus on the needs of everyone.  He is a great teacher and a great example for all to follow regarding health and fitness.

Lee Ann Jaffee

Real Estate Broker, Stribling

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Hours of operation

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