Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang

Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang

Owner of T. Kang Taekwondo

Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang was born in South Korea where he began his training in 1967. His father, Suh Chong Kang, a 10th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, acted as his first instructor. In 1969, the family moved to the United States and established their first Taekwondo school in Brooklyn, NY. This was the beginning of the Kang System in America.

Grandmaster Kang is a greatly accomplished martial artist. He dedicated his life to mastering the art of Taekwondo and went on to receive his black belt in 1973. By 1977, he was named Head Instructor of the New York Taekwondo Academy. He was periodically tested by his father and received Grandmaster status in 1994. This is one of the most honored and difficult titles to achieve in the martial arts. He has participated in both national and international tournaments and has trained some of the top tournament competitors in the world.

Today his life is dedicated to his Taekwondo students and giving attention to over 20,000 students that he has personally taught. With the help of his professional staff individually educated by Grandmaster Kang, he has guided over 2,000 students in attaining the prestigious rank of black belt. Between his four centers in New York City and the Johns Hopkins Taekwondo Club, he continues his unique and innovative program. His greatest achievements are yet to come.

  • 2017 marked his 50th year of training in taekwondo
  • Received 1st Dan Black Belt, 1973
  • Appointed Vice-President of the American Black Belt Federation, 1982
  • Director of M.I.T. Taekwondo Program, 1982
  • All American Champion, 1983
  • Founder of T. Kang Taekwondo USA: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, 1990
  • Director of Johns Hopkins Taekwondo Program: Baltimore, Maryland, 1990
  • Founder of T. Kang Taekwondo USA: Marine Park, Brooklyn, 1992
  • Founder of American Black Belt Association, 1992
  • Awarded Grandmaster Status (8th Dan), 1994
  • Founder of T. Kang Taekwondo USA: Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, 1994
  • Founder of T. Kang Taekwondo USA: Tribeca, Manhattan, 2002
  • Has trained over 25,000 students worldwide
  • Has awarded over 3,000 black belts including five 8th Dan Masters
  • Has trained international champions in forms and fighting competition
  • Current director of four of the largest martial arts schools in New York
  • Awarded 9th Dan Black Belt, 2007
  • Author of two of the best selling Taekwondo Forms DVDs on – Traditional Taekwondo Forms
  • Author of Black Belt Fitness For Life: A 7-Week Plan To Achieve Lifelong Wellness – Black Belt Fitness For Life
  • Awarded 10th Dan Black Belt, 2020


Private Lessons with Grandmaster Kang are available at the Tribeca Location

With over 50 years experience in the martial arts and fitness industry, Grandmaster Kang can custom tailor an exercise plan just for you.

Throughout his long and prestigious career he has trained thousands of students, not just making champions or black belts, but helping people achieve their personal goals to be their best.

In addition to learning a powerful form of self defense, his exercise regiment will get you in the best shape ever, by increasing your flexibility, stamina, focus and confidence while keeping your mind extremely motivated.
Let Grandmaster Kang help you create a foundation to live a more healthier lifestyle.

Other Programs Offered:
Executive/Corporate program
Women’s Self-Defense program
Fitness/Weight loss program
Accelerated Taekwondo program
Action/choreography training
Available for seminars/lectures


Black Belt Fitness For Life





Grandmaster Kang on the cover of Taekwondo Times November 2015 Issue

Michael Imperioli and Grandmaster Kang on the cover of Taekwondo Times July 2007 Issue

There’s something to martial arts and especially the way Grandmaster Kang teaches it that addresses not just the body and fitness, but it addresses the mind and it addresses your approach to life.
I’m a 3rd dan black belt now and that’s one of the top achievements of my life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been the last 10 years, and my family’s life without martial arts, and specifically without Grandmaster Kang. It’s just led to so many good things and has grounded us these years.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is health. You can have all the riches and fame in the world but if you’re sick and can’t get better, then you can’t enjoy anything.
Michael Imperioli

Emmy Award Winning Actor

Having started at the school at 8 years old, I consider myself to have grown up taking classes at T. Kang Taekwondo. When I first became a member, both my parents and I were unsure if it’d become a hobby that I’d truly be dedicated to. 12 years later, I still love Taekwondo! The quality of the people, the facilities, and the instruction at the school is difficult to find at any other Martial Arts school or gym that I’ve ever visited. Furthermore, as a college student who has won numerous scholarships and internships, I would not have developed the strengths that have allowed me to thrive in both academic and professional settings without the lessons I learned and support I received at T. Kang Taekwondo. Marguerite Hollander


Not only is Grandmaster Kang a mentally and physically gifted practitioner of Taekwondo, but unlike many other Grandmasters, he is an exemplary teacher of the art.  I started Taekwondo in 2002 at another school and in 2005 I started training with Grandmaster Kang. His form and abilities in Taekwondo were remarkable, but what really impressed me in 2005 and continues to impress me to this day is his and his entire staff’s ability to teach the basics of this complicated martial art to students of all ages and abilities.  He doesn’t just focus on the gifted students—he takes the time to focus on the needs of everyone.  He is a great teacher and a great example for all to follow regarding health and fitness. Lee Ann Jaffee

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Hours of operation

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Hours of operation

Monday to Friday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

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